We’ll repair your duct work in Bakersfield, CA

Homeowners can lose up to 40% of the conditioned air that circulates through their HVAC system due to leaks or improper insulation in their ductwork. Avoid wasting money and losing cool air this summer by repairing any holes or leaks in your ductwork quickly.

The talented HVAC contractors at Valley Air Systems will fix up your ductwork in no time, so you can enjoy the cool, clean air in your house without worrying about skyrocketing utility bills. We can also install new ductwork or rerun your system to a new addition. Call 661-667-1062 for a free estimate.

3 ways mice can damage your ductwork
Do you hear scurrying around your house? You could have mice in your ducts. These pesky critters will:

  1. Create small holes in your ductwork. Mice make their nests out of your expensive insulation.
  2. Leave droppings in your attic and in your ductwork. In large quantities, these droppings can spread nasty viruses like histoplasmosis and hantavirus.
  3. Chew on your electrical wiring. You can avoid a system blowout by ridding your home of mice.

If you think you have mice in your air ducts, call on Valley Air Systems to repair the damage.